the journey

Part 1 (September 20)

I’m sitting on a plane in first class right now and it feels like I’m living in some kind of dream world. Somehow my husband and I are actually going to manage to leave our home, lives, and responsibilities to spend nine months in France together. It definitely feels surreal. 

Bye bye house. See you next summer. 

Today is the first day of our two day journey to France. We woke up early this morning to finish up packing and have one last breakfast with my family. It was really hard to leave my mom and my little sister Cassidy at the airport, but I am trying to stay positive and excited about this amazing opportunity. 

Things at the airport went off mostly without a hitch, with the exception of my husband getting a very intimate full body pat down. I felt horrible for him because I have flown at least 3 times a year (typically more) since I was a kid and I’ve never gotten a full pat down. This is the second time he’s flown in his whole life and he got the complete, invasive treatment. Poor guy.

Oh, I guess one more thing did go wrong at the airport — I overpacked. By kind of a lot. Somehow one of our suitcases needs to weigh about 15 pounds less before tomorrow afternoon, so wish me luck with that. 

Packing light is not my forte …

We had a little while to hang out at the airport before our flight, but I think we boarded the plane in less than an hour honestly. We were the first people on there and our very nice flight attendant immediately offered us a drink. Dustin decided to go for it and order a whiskey, neat and I got a “sort of strong” (according to our flight attendant) mimosa. Our first flight was pretty much up and down, so we were at SeaTac before we knew it. 

Now we’re headed to LA for the night before we head to France tomorrow afternoon. I am a bundle of feelings, anxiety, and nerves. Eugene has been my home for my entire life and I’ve never been away for more than a few weeks. Now I will be spending a year of my life halfway around the world and living in a different language and culture. It’s incredibly intimidating. It seems like the only way that I can calm down is to try my very best to live in whatever moment I’m experiencing and to focus on the short term. So, right now, that means trying to put these feelings in words and getting excited to see my childhood best friend Olivia in a few hours and all of Mindy Lahiri’s clothing in an exhibit tomorrow. We’re almost to France! oh my gosh.


Part 2 (September 21)

Okay, so I forgot to post this last night before I went to bed so I’m going to go ahead and do that now. Last night we made it to Olivia’s house and went and got some delicious Asian fusion food with her. She let us sleep in her bed because she’s a sweet, hospitable angel. Then, in the morning, Dustin and I drove around looking for a FedEx because, like I said, I overpacked and had to send 15 pounds of my crap back home. This was surprisingly hard because a lot of my clothes are light weight and cotton, so taking them out really doesn’t make much of a difference. But we eventually managed and then we headed to breakfast near Olivia’s at some random diner. After a little breakfast, we headed to Beverly Hills to the Paley Center because a ton of the costumes from The Mindy Project are currently on exhibit there. It’s amazing! I had so much fun looking at all the clothes and remembering the episodes they were in. The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows, so I was incredibly excited that the exhibit was going to be up when we were in LA. 

The Mindy exhibit at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills 

We killed a few hours at some tap house that served pizza by the airport because we wanted to be nearby for our flight. It was really cool because they had self serve beer! They give you a little bracelet connected to your tab and you hold the bracelet up to the tap to activate it. The light turns green and then you’re able to pour the beer and it charges you per ounce of beer dispensed. It was pretty nifty! We also had a really good mushroom pizza as our last meal before France.

And then, tragedy struck. As in, we went to go to the gas station to fill up the rental car before returning it, and I realized I didn’t have my wallet, which contained my passport, of course. We frantically sped back to the restaurant and the really nice employees there helped me frantically look for it (they even looked in the trash for me!) to no avail. It had apparently fallen out of my bag in the parking garage, where Dustin found a Russian woman looking through it for my phone number. Thank God. That was a true moment of panic and my wallet is now very securely zipped into my purse. 

Going to return the rental car was pretty weird, but fine. There was a dead bird sitting next to the reception area, perfectly intact, that the girl working told me she was absolutely not touching, so that was a bit creepy. Whatever. We made it to LAX though! and we found the mysterious XL airways! And we made it through security and I’m sitting at the gate. Next time I write, we will be in France! How exciting that we’ve almost made it. Travelling is seriously exhausting. 

xo for real this time,


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