back to school, back to blogging

I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl. Ever since I can remember, I was dreaming up narratives about the world around me. I was the kid rejoicing about that essay test while everyone else groaned, because I knew I could ace it.

In college, I did plenty of writing too. I wrote hundreds of papers, completed an independent research project that I presented at an academic conference, and wrote a lengthy honors thesis. I wrote in three languages. I wrote all. the. time. I literally wore out the keyboard on my MacBook, I wrote so much.

When I realized after graduation that I was barely writing at all anymore, I decided to start this blog to write about our time in France. I really enjoyed writing as a hobby, and it seemed like my friends and family enjoyed reading what I wrote, too.

But when I got a job as a content writer for an Internet startup in October, suddenly I was spending all of my time writing again…for work. Although I love my job, it’s still a job. Writing turned into a chore again instead of a hobby.

Flash forward to today. I’m gearing up to officially start my 1L year. What am I going to be doing in law school? Writing. A lot. And still juggling some hours at my content writing job, too. That combination makes restarting my blog right now kind of sound like a terrible idea, but I think it will be a welcome respite for my brain to do something that comes naturally and is enjoyable. I’m going to try to post at least once a month, but hopefully more often. The whole self discipline thing is definitely a lengthy process.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for supporting me and being in my life. It takes a community that supports each other to achieve success, and all of you are mine.

xo, Amanda

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