déjà vu

Law school is incredibly busy: I’ve been grabbing on to moments of peace for dear life.

Luckily, right now I’m enjoying approximately ten minutes to myself in the library, hiding in my study carrel. So, I’m taking the time to say hello to all of you and tell you a little bit about how my first week has gone. Because in less than 90 minutes, my first week of law school will be OVER. And I’ve never been so ready for the weekend.

First of all, it definitely feels like it’s been more than a week. Going from planning my own days to following a rigorous class schedule has been a transition, and four doctrinal classes is a lot to take on. I’ve had my ups and downs all week and I’ve gone from tears to elation more than once.

Déjà vu

Sometimes law school is a little bit too much like high school. Example? I literally have a locker. That’s right, an old school, spinning combination lock style situation.


I also have the same classes almost every day, and I’m in school all day long. I see all the same people every single day. I sit in the same seat in each class. I have virtually no options of what courses to take and can no longer pursue things I’m specifically interested in.

This is a pretty huge transition from a school like UO, where I literally had classes bigger than the entire student body of my law school. It’s also a harsh reminder of the fact that my social skills are pathetically weak when it comes to meeting new people and that many other people’s social skills haven’t progressed much since high school. Many of the students in my classes seem to have found their groups of friends, but I guess I’m pretty content with being the loner in the library. There’s a lot of time between classes to spend studying instead of socializing. Plus, I even have a study carrel to hide in!


(Not so) déjà vu

That isn’t to say that law school is exactly like high school. Obviously, it’s not. But I would say that so far, my law school experience bears more similarity to my high school experience than my undergrad does. So far, the work is challenging in its duration — there’s just a lot to do and manage. But none of it is really beyond my scope of comprehension.

The classroom style is also very different than any class I’ve had before. Since the professors use the Socratic method, you could be “cold called” to answer at any time. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but the first person to get cold called in my first ever class panicked and couldn’t answer. The person who was chosen next didn’t do the reading at all. For me, that took a lot of the pressure off — clearly the people around me don’t have it any more together than I do.

Moi moi moi

I know it sounds selfish, but to stay sane during times like these, I really recognize the importance of taking care of myself and my needs. I try to make time to do something for myself every dang day, even if it’s just spending a few minutes cleaning up my office. I even took myself to a movie on Wednesday while Dustin was at work. Escaping from my job, legalese and case briefs for a few hours was a welcome vacation. Sometimes even just a pleasant walk home from the law school is all I need to keep going.


I’m trying to update this page weekly, even if the updates are short, so stay tuned on more updates from me about law school and life! Much love to my friends and family.


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