my seven law school essentials


Tomorrow marks the beginning of my fourth week of law school! Hard to believe I’ve been at it for almost a month already. Although my life is very busy now, it’s very rewarding to work towards a promising career.

I’m still working part time as a content writer too, although I’ve cut back my hours significantly. It’s nice to still have an income while in school, but I have to plan my time diligently if I want to have any time to myself.

In these first weeks, I’ve found out what I really can’t live without as a law student. In the summer before law school, I watched YouTube videos from law student vloggers and tried to plan what I would need. A good study space. Professional clothes. A laser printer. In reality, those things aren’t as important as what gets me through the day to day. So, without further ado and in no particular order…Here are my seven personal law school must haves.

1. My MacBook Air

I’d struggle in law school without my laptop. My hand-written production skills are seriously lacking, but I type like a fiend. Consequently, I take 100% of my notes on my computer. It’s my lifeline at school, and I quite literally couldn’t go to class without it. It’s also my work computer and the way that I make money, so it’s pretty essential for me.

Unfortunately, my old MacBook Air started to have issues right before classes started and I had to purchase a new one. I drove up to Portland and bought one from the Apple Store the same day.


Although it wasn’t the best timing, I’m super grateful to have a new, fast computer with a better battery life since I spend 10+ hours using it on an average day.

2. Beats

This one surprised me a little, but having a nice pair of headphones has actually been pretty awesome. I got these Beats for free as part of a back-to-school promotion when I bought my laptop in August. It’s great to escape the silence of the library or the noise of the law school café with some music or a podcast, and these wireless headphones hold their charge forever, so I never have to worry about pulling out dead headphones and being disappointed.

3. My planner

IMG_1452 copy.jpg
I’m attached at the hip to my Passion Planner. I plan out time to do each of my reading assignments, go to class, work, volunteer and do anything else I need to do in a given week. I don’t think I could be successful as a law student without planning my time this way. Although I sometimes deviate from my schedule, I can also see where there’s room to make adjustments by laying it all out in front of me.

I especially like this planner company — They’re really excellent about helping the community and hand inspect every planner. I’m actually on my third one. I enjoy the monthly reflections as a way to keep a lazy journal that I don’t need to keep up with everyday. And I love that there’s a different quote for each week — I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

4. Glossier

You knew this one was coming! Anybody who knows me knows about my love of Glossier products. Its skincare line nourishes and moisturizes my skin and keeps it clear despite all the stress. I apply Balm Dot Com all day long in class to keep my lips soft, no shame. And with the help of Lash Slick, Boy Brow, Haloscope and Wowder, I have my morning makeup routine down to three minutes flat. Every extra minute of sleep counts in my world.

If you want to try Glossier, you can use my link to get 10% off your first purchase!

5. Mildliners

These cute Japanese highlighters are less blindingly neon than typical highlighters, and I have almost a dozen colors in my bag. I mostly use these to organize my planner. I’ve found that color coding by event type helps enormously with planning things out in my head and envisioning the week to come.

I also use these for reading and organizing my notes when I print them out. These little guys are great for law school reading, since they are double ended. The thinner end is perfect for highlighting the small text of law textbooks neatly!

6. My backpack

Before law school, I had some grand aspirations of carrying a leather shoulder bag everyday and looking nice and professional. As soon as I discovered the size and weight of my textbooks, that dream was neatly crushed and thrown away. I looked into buying a new backpack, but I just couldn’t find one I liked. So, I’m trekking around with my trusty North Face, the same one I’ve had since my freshman year of high school. It’s still going strong and works great, so I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Here’s me with my backpack in London: It’s probably more well-traveled than most Americans after visiting multiple countries and more than a dozen states.

7. My husband


I can’t imagine coming home to nothing after the end of a long day of law school. I’m so grateful for my partner’s support during this demanding time in both of our lives. Investing this much time in something that doesn’t really have an immediate return is a huge commitment for me, but also for Dustin by proxy. I would be extremely lonely and much more crazy without him and his constant snuggles and support.

This man is last but certainly not least on my list of things I seriously couldn’t live without. Whether I want to move to France or become an attorney, he always supports me and my dreams. I’m glad to be married to him and to have gained a wonderful second family by marriage.


Thanks again for following along with my law school journey. I love and appreciate all of my family and friends. Thank you for loving me and supporting my continued success.

xo, Amanda

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