seven things i like about law school


1. Stretching my brain. Every day is a new challenge when you’re working with such diverse subject material and reading so many cases. It’s only been four weeks and I’ve read 100+ opinions, which translates to 1,000+ pages. When I think about it that way, it feels sort of surreal. I’m reading SO much.

2. Structure. It’s nice to have a little more scheduling in my life. Left to my own devices, I’d probably sleep til 10 everyday, forever.

3. The Willamette campus. I love when I have a chance to walk across the street to the undergrad campus. It’s such a quintessential college campus, with its beautiful green quad and brick buildings. As the days get cooler, the leaves begin to change and the air becomes more crisp, the preppy back-to-school feelings are real.

4. Espresso. The law school has a little café called Rick’s. I get espresso there a few days a week when I need to pep up a little. The barista at Rick’s, Rose, pulls the only espresso shot I’ve enjoyed drinking since I was in France. Her coffee is delicious and she is seriously the sweetest girl in the world. She even lets me take the cute glass espresso cups to class with me, which makes me feel very fancy, obviously.


5. Harri’s LRW. There are several LRW (Legal Research & Writing) professors at my school, but mine has a serious reputation. He’s been teaching this same class at Willamette since 1986 — That’s 32 years of trying to teach overwhelmed students with a huge variety of backgrounds effective legal writing in just a few months. It’s a big responsibility, and he takes it very seriously. He expects his students to work hard and put in a lot of effort — there’s hours of writing and studying to do each week, and his standards for evaluation are high. Also, he talks so quietly, the room has to be dead quiet for you to have a chance of hearing anything he says — That’s one way to command authority. He’s a unique and excellent professor, and I feel lucky to have him as my LRW teacher. I’m always trying to become a better writer and he will definitely help me achieve that.

6. Walking home. Living so close to the law school is so convenient. I don’t even have to turn on my walk home, I just walk straight down Winter Street to my house. It’s really nice, especially as the leaves start to change. I walk by two pretty churches and a Catholic school. Sometimes I see the kids in their uniforms, playing at recess as I walk by. It feels familiar in a nice way.

The only problem is when I need to stay at school until after dark — The park I walk through on my way home is under construction, and for some reason, the streetlights aren’t being turned on. It’s pitch black and really scary late at night. Hopefully they will be turned on soon…I called and asked if they could do anything about it.

7. Lockers. At first it seemed a little juvenile to go spin a combination lock between classes, but now my back thanks me each and every day. Those casebooks are heavy! Some students have roller bags to haul their books around, but that just isn’t really my style.

I’ll see you next week for the pessimistic version of the post — It will probably be considerably easier for me to write.

love, Amanda

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