amanda squared

My law school has a program designed to connect first year students with attorneys in the community. Networking is one of the most important aspects of my future profession, and it’s best to begin as early as possible. We’ve already had several networking events, including a reception last Thursday to meet our mentors. Unfortunately, my mentor couldn’t make it, but I finally got to meet her today.

Trying my best to look cool for lunch with my attorney mentor

We’d only exchanged a few emails, so I really didn’t have any idea what to expect. Basically all that I knew about my mentor before meeting her was that she was an estate planner who had also attended my law school. I didn’t have to worry about forgetting her name, since we share one: Yep, two Amandas.

Although some students have attorney mentors who are older and more experienced than mine, I really appreciate how relatable my mentor is. She’s in her 20s like me, she’s also married and childless, and she has the same casual, West Coast attitude I do. She doesn’t even have to wear a suit to work, so that gives me hope for my own future.

Anyway, after my torts class today, I walked to the other Amanda’s office, which is conveniently located approximately ten steps from the law school. She works at the largest law firm in Salem, which felt pretty impressive and a bit intimidating. But I was able to relax as soon as I met Amanda — she was very easy to talk to and a genuinely kind person. She gave me half a dozen options to choose from for lunch, but ultimately we decided to get sushi. I probably should’ve thought about the fact that I’m a total klutz with chopsticks, but oh well. C’est la vie.

The sushi exceeded all of my (admittedly low) expectations for Salem’s food. It’s so refreshing to find a place that does a simple spicy tuna or veggie roll well instead of focusing only on gimmicky deluxe rolls to hide the poor quality of their ingredients. I’ll definitely be back when my sushi cravings hit.

The company was just as good as the food — Getting Amanda’s perspective on law school and the future was really helpful. I have a lot of people offering opinions on my life and advice, but none of them are attorneys, nor have they spent even a week in law school. There are some things you can only learn from being on the inside. Since she’s close to my age, my mentor can even speak specifically to my professors — They taught her, too. One of my professors even officiated her wedding.

After sushi, we walked to Starbucks together. Amanda got me a coffee to take back to school with me, because she’s a super nice person. Then we said goodbye and walked back to school and work. I’m looking forward to meeting with her again soon.

Starbucks Cold Brew

I’ve met several attorneys now, but none of them seemed very relatable. There’s something amazing about looking across the table at someone who isn’t all too different from you and seeing what you could become in the next five years or less. Glimmers of hope like these will have to carry me through the challenges of the next months and the next three years.

Until then, I’ll just keep focusing my eyes on that faint light at the end of the law school tunnel.

Looking forward
Gotta keep looking forward. 😉

xo, Amanda

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