new year, not-so-new me?

Last night, I visited my parents’ house. Drinks were flowing and the spirit of the new year was already in the air.

“So, are you resolution people?” A visiting neighbor asked, curiously. I smiled because I’d already written a handful.

I’m burned out on typical resolutions — my goals for the new year absolutely refuse to focus on what society expects of me or a specific body ideal.

And I don’t believe in creating resolutions so strict they’re sure to fail. For me, goals require flexibility and room for simultaneous failure and growth. I am not always linear, and that’s ok.

In 2019, I’m resolved to create goals that shift my lifestyle instead of trying to change my identity. I’m ready to realign my time and my days to better fulfill me. That’s what this year is all about.

2019’s resolutions

  • Surround myself with art. In 2019, I’m visiting museums, reading novels, and filling my home with the works of amazing creatives.
  • Give more grace. For me, this isn’t the year for holding grudges or being judgmental. Compassion and kindness are two qualities I hope to cultivate.
  • Create everyday. This resolution started as “write everyday.” But even though I write law school assignments, completing those really isn’t the goal here. Engaging in my own creativity is high priority in 2019.
  • Cull negativity. Cultivate goodness. I’ve got no more time to feed the monsters in my closet. This year, I’m putting my energy into the pursuits and people that nourish my soul and make me whole.

Happy New Year to everyone I love dearly. I hope 2019 is your best yet.


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