25, part 2

these things i promise you

  1. i will forgive generously and often.
  2. i will pour soap and hot water over these limbs even when i can barely drag myself from bed.
  3. i will eat whole foods and whole pints of ice cream.
  4. i will look at the moon and press my root to the earth.
  5. i will bleed in abundance without apology.
  6. i will love without condition or attachment.
  7. i will rest without guilt.
  8. i will walk in the forest and take naps under the stars.
  9. i will protect my heart from those who cannot revere it.
  10. i will wash dishes and sweep floors and get up again and get up again.
  11. i am my own universe and you are my universe, too.
  12. i am the observer but i must participate.
  13. i am safe in the here, right now.
  14. i am immune from the pain of judgment if i can only manage not to judge myself.
  15. i am resourced enough to always go on, strong enough to keep rising up.
  16. i will not shave my legs because you say i should.
  17. i will not eat because you say i should.
  18. i will not say yes because i feel obligated.
  19. i will not betray myself to protect your feelings.
  20. i will not live in the grasp of ultimatums.
  21. i will not create stories of what other people must think of me.
  22. i will not ask anyone’s permission.
  23. i will not lie to make anyone happy.
  24. i will not starve in hopes of disappearing.
  25. i will not close my eyes to injustice, to change, to hardship.

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