grad school (!)

hi friends and lovers!

Welcome to a personal update post that I’m very excited to be writing!

Last week I became a double duck and started my masters program at the University of Oregon. I am studying in the Department of Couples & Family Therapy housed within the College of Education to become a licensed marriage & family therapist. I’ll start seeing clients under supervision next June and until then, I’ll be getting an intensive clinical education to prepare me.

I can hardly express how right this feels. When I think about the first week of law school juxtaposed against this first week of school, the difference is drastic. In my first week of law school, I was leaving class to call mental health professionals just to be okay. In this space, I feel strong, centered, and ready to construct and hold space for other people.

My very first day of law school

My cohort is itty bitty, and so is my department. There’s seventeen of us in the cohort, and we have three dedicated faculty. I love the classes taught by our department’s faculty, and I’m less thrilled about the classes where the CFT cohort is intermingled with other graduate programs.

My very first day of grad school

A lot of my classmates studied psychology as undergraduates at large universities and are accustomed to huge lectures. Although law school accustomed me to large-ish lectures, I am relieved to be back to a seminar style, small scale classroom like the one my undergraduate self was spoiled by. Studying language in an era of science and technology has perks.

Graduating from UO in 2017 with my BA

I am very saturated right now. My previous response has been to saturate even further, taking on anything and everything I can to fill the empty space. This time I’m trying to lean into it, to practice taking care of myself the way I have spent so long trying to care for others. My social life will be limited in the year to come as I undertake this self-driven effort.

My being feels full when I work to craft a life that revolves around therapeutic practice. I’m really excited to share this next chapter of my life with you and to watch myself unfold, and fold, and unfold again.

with all my love,


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