the chakra healing workbook for your inner child

I’m really excited to share my latest project with you! A few months ago, I had a yoga lesson that revealed that the root of a lot of my current struggles was…my root chakra. My teacher recommended that I look at the book Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. Being the avid reader that I am, I dove in.

Eastern Body, Western Mind maps Western psychology onto the chakra system. Each chakra represents a developmental stage, and that developmental stage is when that chakra evolves and grows the most. It was fascinating to think about building myself as a human from the root up.

Sitting and reading with my friend, I realized that what I really wanted was a workbook that incorporated all of this incredible information in a digestible way. And that’s when The Chakra Healing Workbook was born.

My workbook incorporates the suggestions and information in Eastern Body, Western Mind in a way that is artistic and easy to engage with. It plays with inner child work and non-violent communication, and offers a colorful, intimate experience with yourself. This book asks you to look a little more deeply at your inner world.

It’s not necessary to have any knowledge of the chakras to use this workbook. In fact, I love the idea of coming at these ideas from a fresh perspective. Each chakra has a brief explanation page to orient you.

The book is beautiful and full color, with bold rainbow tones.

You can buy my workbook directly from me or find out more about it here.

For friends in Eugene, you can also buy The Chakra Healing Workbook at Tsunami Books or at Stargate! I think it makes a splendid holiday present.

Thank you for supporting me in my latest endeavor!


amanda swan

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